The entire world is concerned about the increasing environmental pollution, reduction in ozone levels and the lurking danger to planet earth. Every initiative to protect green earth and to fight pollution therefore is not only essential, but mandatory.

Retreading in itself is a recycling process. Recycling of rubber and rubber products is not only essential, but it is a must to protect our environment as it helps in preventing pollution. Retreading of tyres makes a significant contribution in the preservation of the nature.

Scrapping and/or destruction of tyres or any kind of rubber releases a lot of harmful toxics into the atmosphere and causes irreparable damage by polluting the environment.

Therefore, it makes sense to extend the life of every tyre by multiple retreads. This is possible only by quality retreading, using the right material and right processes.

We, in TVS TREAD, make a significant contribution to this green revolution. The first step towards this was initiated in India by TVS when it started the very first retread plant, way back in 1943. Since then, millions of tyres have been retreaded resulting in not only protection of environment by minimising pollution, but also by helping every tyre user to make a considerable saving by reducing their investment on new tyres.

The other arm of Sundaram Industries Private Ltd – SIL Rubber Resources Division – has acquired a unique technology for recycling worn out tyres and waste rubber products. This is another great step by TVS in their efforts to "Go Green".

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