The cost of tyres is the second largest expense next only to the cost of fuel for any user of vehicle or a company operating in road transport industry. It is, therefore, only logical that all efforts should be taken to minimize the cost of tyres.

Solution? Obviously - quality retreading by
TVS TREAD. We purchase raw materials which are tested in our in-house laboratory to ensure quality and performance. Competent inspection, quality repairs and a world class retreading process from TVS TREAD ensure multiple retreading of the same tyre. This, in turn, benefits the customer to get optimum life for every tyre resulting in lowest cost per km/hour.

Typically, cost of a retreaded commercial size tyre to the user is only 30 to 35% as compared to the cost of a new tyre. But the user gets a performance almost equal to the new tyre when entrusted to a retreader with proven quality process resulting in lowest cost per kilometre or per hour..

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