Commercial Tyres – Bias and Radial: TVS TREAD is the one stop solution for the retreading and repair needs – for both Bias and Radial Commercial tyres. 

Based on the condition and / or strength of the casing, the right type of retreading solution is offered either in Precure or in Conventional Process.

Inspection of the casing is a thorough process at TVS TREAD. Only the casings which are fit to receive a retread are selected, to ensure performance and safety both of which are of paramount importance to the user.

The special equipment, tools and quality processes on par with international standards mark TVS TREAD as a unique brand name in the retreading industry which offers lowest Cost per Kilometer and optimum mileage for every retread.

OTR (Off the Road Tyres): TVS TREAD offers quality repair and retreading solutions to a wide variety and range of Bias and Radial sizes of OTR tyres.

The OTR Repair and Retreading facilities are strategically located closer to the various mining belts in the country. 

Ultra large sizes of radial OTR tyres are processed in segmented press.

Special Repair Tools and Mobile Repair System are available to carry out quality repairs either at site or along with the retreading process.

Industrial Solid Resilient tyres: With our vast experience in the field of retreading, TVS TREAD has ventured into retreading of Solid Industrial Tyres too.  Due to spiraling cost of rubber and the need for recycling of tyre and rubber to protect the environment from pollution, there is an acute need to recycle/retread Solid Industrial Tyres.

TVS TREAD has successfully offered dependable retreading solution to Industrial Solid Tyres for customers in India and Overseas and the offerings include both Precure and Conventional processes.

Precure Treads: TVS TREAD has established a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to cater to its own retreading plants. 

A wide range of designs and patterns catering to a multitude of requirements of customers and their applications are made available by TVS TREAD.

Precure Tread rubber can be made on specific requests of customers to satisfy their customized applications.

Click for TVS TREAD PreCure Catalogue.

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Tread Rubber: TVS TREAD is at help to its customers even if the tyres are found unfit to receive a Precure process.  The company offers Conventional Retreading process solutions which are known as “RECAPS” and “FULL CAPS” (shoulder to shoulder).  The tread rubber required for this process is also manufactured in-house.

All the materials and the processing of mixing and extrusion are done under stringent quality standards.

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